“So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” \1 Corinthians 13:13\

I warmly welcome you to our website, which we are going to launch at Pentecost 2021, asking the Holy Spirit to touch all people in the world and pour out His saving grace on everyone.
Our primary goal is to entertain everyone, to impart spiritual experiences in amusing, joyful minutes and to provide the opportunity to purchase books written for the same purpose.
The website is designed in five languages ​​to reach as many people as possible and everyone can read it in the language closest to them.
In the picture you can see the invisible reality, as God (the incarnate God, Jesus Christ) embraces, blesses the whole world. He doesn’t make an exception. He blesses us all, protects us all, loves us all, redeemed us all: our brothers and sisters, as well, who have not yet come to the knowledge of God. We all live in one house. (I think the pandemic showed this pretty well.)
I pray every day for everyone who visits our site that all of you experience the blessing of the Lord, and that the Lord thank everyone the buying and the reading of the books with a great deal of grace, spiritual and material abundance. Amen.
I write all my books for inspiration, and all serve the ascension of the soul, yet not all of them are theological works. They could be divided into four groups:

  • entertaining literature
  • theological writings
  • plays and
  • poems

I would like to present them in a little more detail so that you can read them even more consciously.

  1. Entertaining Literature: These books serve the purpose of giving readers pleasant moments as they build their souls and draw closer to God. They help you move more safely in life, stay healthy, live a fearless everyday life, and increase love and peace within you. These writings are not free from imagination. There are novels, short stories and legends.
    Most of my books belong to this group. For example: Queen of the South, Coronavirus from the future, The mystery of coffee, The secret of tea, The mystery of wine, The one-minute miracle of life, The two ways, Those who overcome death, Logos, To see the invisible…
  2. Theological works: I list here books that are based on the Holy Script or attempt to uncover its mystery, or scientific works that contain theological sources or respond to some Church documents. These books, one by one contain a wealth of theological novelties. I highly recommend them.
    These include: The seven sacraments in the light of the Holy Script, What is God’s message to the church in the virus, Prove that there is no God, Aenigma Sacra, Evolution in the Bible, The Fall is God’s plan, Now my eyes have seen You…
  3. Plays: The play is my favourite genre. I think the stage is a whole world where a particular story, a combination of events, a certain age comes to life every time, and experiencing the life of the characters leads to many catharsis experiences that involve spiritual building. Of my many plays, only a few has remained, and three of them are available for now: Why are the angels weeping; Jesus is the resurrection and the Life, Tongues of fire…
    One of the videos shows a play performed by the children.
  4. Poems: I very often feel the touch of the Spirit, and this most often enters to the material in poems. I haven’t kept my poems over the years, so now only the latter are being published. I will gradually translate them into several languages. I would like to recommend the Blessing and The prayer in sickness.